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Top 3: 4 Food that Make You Do not Tega eat

Top 3: 4 Food that Make You Do not Tega eat

 Menu food made with a process that does not make your face can not bear to eat. Articles on this food gets the attention of the public. Besides articles on the function of small pockets on the jeans that actually grip the reader. Last articles about the 10 list of jobs that will exist in the future is also interesting to observe.
The following articles lifestyle that drew the attention of the reader Liputan6.com on Wednesday, January 27, 2016.

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1. Your Tegakah 4 Eating this food?

When you see a lion pounced and tore deer small deer's body when to eat it, you may feel it is cruel or illegal. And what about the act of boiling lobsters alive for a seafood dish that you desire? Tegakah you eat that food? Read more here.
2. Revealed, Function Small Pockets on jeans pants Actual

Did you know the actual function of a small pouch at the front of the jeans? This bag is too small even to just storing coins. This bag is very rarely used by you are wearing jeans. So, for what little bag was there and what actually function? Read more here.
3. 10 Jobs predicted Still Exist in the Future

With the technology that is growing very rapidly, it would be very interesting if you can find a career in a better future for your children later. Here are some types of professions that you would never thought could exist in the future that you can read here.


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