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Take note! These 5 Basic healthy lifestyle to Control autoimmune diseases

Take note! These 5 Basic healthy lifestyle to Control autoimmune diseases

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Jakarta, according to an expert on autoimmune, Dr. Dr. SpPD Clement Iris, KAI said that the autoimmune disease occurs when the immune system is an error, in which supposed to be in charge of protecting the body, but the body's attack turn. That means the person's autoimmune activity could disrupt if not handled properly. Dr. Iris, expressed greetings companion, causes an autoimmune disease has not been known until now. But various theories say environmental factors affecting the occurrence of autoimmune diseases is very. If I may be frank autoimmune cause we don't know yet until now. But a wide range of genetic theory, yes could not. But the environment greatly influences, bright dr Iris during the launch of the book ' The True Story of Autoimmune ' APL Tower 41st floor, Central Park, Jakarta Barat. However, more Dr. Iris explains, there are ways to control the identified autoimmune diseases, namely by applying the LDHS to five basic healthy lifestyle so that the patient cannot forever depend on drugs. Read also: bruises thought to ' Pinch ' the devil, it turns out Marisza Hit ITPUtama autoimmune disease for me anyway the diet, avoid red meat, gluten, though hard pressed. It is important that gluten is avoided. Sweet food, food preservatives, food cans. But in Indonesia it is difficult Yes, so reduced it, said Dr. Iris, who is also an autoimmune penyintas. The second exercise 30 minutes just about anything. If I am the way, the other might be able to swim. Important do not connect an high impact, Chairman of the Executive Board of the great society of Allergy-Immunology Indonesia (PERALMUNI). Then a third, said doctors who practise at the Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, it is a lifestyle. It is not recommended to sleep late at night because of the circulation of the body has changed. Supposed to be 8 hours, if not at least 6 hours. But noon if possible take bedtime. Don't get more than 12 hours of the night, Dr. Iris reminds. Read also: Doctor: community can help Autoimmune Patients Face StresDi between it all, there is the hardest thing to do that is stress management. But stress can be managed origin know right way like what. In addition it should also build on the spirit in order to remain helpless in the middle of the community. Must rise, do not just roads. It's not going to help. The doctor helps but we surrender to God. The spirit must exist. So never saw if we AI (autoimmune). Show that we are the same in healthy people, said Dr. Iris. last or fifth is continuing to learn, such as join the community for sharing or dividing experience to fellow autoimmune penyintas. Always a positive life, do not be sad because if so the immune system will decrease. Do not think negative and do not grieve. If it were, drugs dont cry off-off. If the grumpy, autoimmune tuh people will relapse. So it should be fixed if we smile, laugh quite immune to rise, pungkas Dr. Iris. Read also: case Rare! This woman's immune system attacks the Brain itself (hrn/up) Keyword2testimoni kopi hijau



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